Would Wenger turnaround be football's greatest comeback?

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Would a Wenger turnaround be football’s greatest comeback?

Posted on March 10, 2018 by Harry Kettle

It’s no secret that Arsene Wenger is a few bad decisions away from completely alienating the Arsenal fanbase, and at this stage, many of us are already expecting it to happen. It’s been a dramatic fall from grace for a man who had the world at his feet just a few years ago, and now, the Frenchman has his back against the wall for what feels like the last time.

While it’s likely that he’ll be given until at least the end of this season to turn things around, there’s always a chance that the Gunners will attempt to salvage their campaign before it’s even over – and with that in mind, you’d imagine that Wenger will have to guide Arsenal to a fairly impressive unbeaten run over the course of the next few months.

Wenger’s renaissance

Of course, there’s a good chance they’ll falter down the stretch but just imagine, for a moment, if Wenger can pull this back and completely alter the fortunes of Arsenal Football Club.

He’s done it before, and while the situation wasn’t quite as dire as this one, you’ve got to think that he knows what he’s up against and he knows that this is a ‘last chance saloon’ kind of moment. So if he does manage to push Spurs in the race for 4th (although they’ll likely still finish 5th) and wins the Europa League, just imagine what that would do for the club’s confidence heading into 2018/19.

The board will likely honour his contract as a result of him finally winning European gold, and given that he’s approaching 70, next season will certainly be his swansong – and he can plan for that accordingly.

End of an era

If in his final season, Wenger either wins the Premier League or comes close and wins another cup competition, you could argue it’d be the greatest comeback in the history of football management. Sure, he’s done some great things in the past and sure, Arsenal have the squad to make it happen, but it’s clear to see that Wenger is stuck between a rock and a hard place right now.

He has to get back to his roots in terms of being able to motivate this group of players, and instead of using the same old excuses in the media, he needs to embrace the pressure from the fans and find a way to get them back on board.

We aren’t suggesting this is likely, but if it happens, just imagine the euphoria in North London.

Can Arsene Wenger achieve more success with Arsenal?

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