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Would Ramsey suit Liverpool?

Posted on October 10, 2018 by Harry Kettle

There have been a string of rumours surrounding Aaron Ramsey and his future, but thankfully, the Welshman has done a good job of taking our minds off of it with some of his performances on the pitch recently. Alas, it isn’t quite enough to help us forget his attitude towards the whole thing, with many Arsenal fans being at the point where they just want to see a resolution one way or the other.

The dilemma

The general belief is that he’s going to move on to something new, and given that he has been making some extravagant wage demands, it makes sense for him to look elsewhere. After all, there are plenty of clubs around Europe that likely have the wages to make him happy, even if the Gunners aren’t willing to stump up the necessary cash.

One such club that appears to be interested is Liverpool, which is a move that’d likely cause a lot of heads to turn on both sides of the deal. He’s certainly a player who is more than capable of doing a job at the highest level in the Premier League, but we aren’t entirely convinced that he’d suit their style of play. We aren’t just saying that for the sake of it, either, because whatever happens, we hope Ramsey finds joy both on and off the pitch wherever he goes.

An odd pairing

For Arsenal, the question is whether or not they want to sell him in order to avoid the possibility of him leaving on a free. It seems as if the writing is on the wall at this stage and they need to act quickly, so slapping a big price tag on Ramsey could be the smartest move for them. Sure, it’ll be difficult to say goodbye after a decade of service, but it’s not really comparable to when Jack Wilshere left the club which was viewed as an even bigger departure.

It’s great to see that he wants to stay in the Premier League but we wouldn’t be surprised if another last minute offer came in from abroad, either, with AC Milan noting their interest earlier in the summer. Still, at least we finally seem to be getting somewhere with resolving this issue, because for a while it felt like the two parties were just going back and forth with no real end game.

Where will Aaron Ramsey end up?

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