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Wishere wants to stay

Posted on May 01, 2018 by Veselin Trajkovic

Jack Wilshere has been the subject of many speculations this season as his contract is set to expire very soon. The truth, however, remains that nobody, not even the player himself, knows at this point where Wilshere will be playing come the start of 2018/19.

Wenger said on several occasions that the club is keen on keeping the midfielder in their ranks, but with the manager set to depart himself, the question arises: just how much would Wenger be aware of what the club are planning to do next? The Frenchman has earned some honesty from Arsenal for his exploits over the long years, but the fact remains the matter won’t be concerning him anymore once this season ends.

According to Sky Sports, Wilshere says the negotiations for a new deal are ongoing, but he also admits the change in the manager’s chair is likely to complicate the matter. There is still no confirmation on who might be the next one to sit in it, but the long list of reported candidates, containing the likes of Luis Enrique, Mikel Arteta, Patrick Vieira, Diego Simeone, Brendan Rodgers, Massimilano Allegri and a few more, has had another name added to it – Jürgen Klopp’s right-hand man at Liverpool Željko Buvač, who has taken a leave at the Merseyside club until the end of season.

With his well-documented ablity to dictate play from deep and the ability to efficiently operate right behind the striker as well, keeping Wilshere would certainly make sense. Much more so than to let him go on a free transfer and then spend a significant sum of money to sign a suitable replacement.

Just as Wenger said the club are keen on extending his contract, Wilshere himself now says he’s keen on staying at the Emirates. If both of these statements are to be believed, it certainly appears there is good will from both sides of the table.

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