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Will Mustafi go?

Posted on May 15, 2019 by Harry Kettle

We all know that football can be a pretty unforgiving game even at the best of times, to the point where a series of bad displays can destroy your career in the blink of an eye. Of course, that might be us being a little bit overdramatic, but we’ve all seen a player fall from grace before. It’s hardly anything new, and depending on who you support, it can happen quite frequently.

Not good enough

One of the primary cases of people falling from grace that has been discussed lately is that of Shkodran Mustafi. The defender was once considered to be one of the primary solutions to Arsenal’s defensive issues, but now, it would appear as if that’s no longer the case. The Gunners have tried and tried to implement him successfully into the starting XI, but to no avail. He just isn’t good enough.

As you can tell by the title of this piece we’re in two minds regarding him leaving, but it’s not a case of whether we think he SHOULD leave or not. In that sense there’s no real debate to be had, in our mind, because the guy absolutely needs to get out of this club. That sounds a little bit harsh, but he’s just not good enough. He hasn’t been for a long time and we can’t see that changing, even with a strong pre-season.

Making changes

One of the arguments we’ve heard for keeping him revolves around the fact that the club needs options at the back. We can understand that, but the real issue lies with Unai Emery not being given enough money to go out and find that cover. Mustafi shouldn’t be kept on the books because he’s a warm body, and it really is that simple. On the flip side we could (and should) be promoting some more youngsters from the youth ranks, because there are bound to be a few hungry guys out there that are ready to make an impact for the first team.

Mustafi has had a few bright spots here and there but we should all know by now that it isn’t enough to save him. Arsenal need to stop being the laughing stocks of the top six, and they need to move forward with an entirely new game plan. Mustafi, unfortunately for him, shouldn’t be a part of it.

Do you believe that Mustafi should leave the club during the summer transfer window?

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