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Will Chelsea be a threat?

Posted on August 12, 2019 by Harry Kettle

Over the weekend it was probably pretty easy to get swept up in the excitement of Arsenal kicking off their new Premier League campaign. Beyond the madness, though, we saw plenty of other games that raised an eyebrow or two around the Emirates. Some weren’t too notable, but one that would’ve piqued the interest of Arsenal fans around the world was Chelsea vs Manchester United at Old Trafford.

Be smart

These two sides will serve as Arsenal’s biggest rivals in the race for the top four this season, and anyone who says otherwise is kidding themselves. Tottenham may be dragged down into the madness, but you’d have to think that they are strong enough to cement third place on their own (assuming that Liverpool and Manchester City are the ones to finish in the top two spots in the Premier League).

One of the biggest questions surrounding the Blues over the summer has been in relation to Frank Lampard. The midfield legend has, for a long time, been heavily tipped with a move to Chelsea in order to become their new manager. Now that the move has gone through, and now that he’s lost his first competitive game in charge, there are even greater concerns that he could be a flop at Stamford Bridge.

Let’s not kid ourselves

Nobody really knows for sure, but one way or another, his back is going to be against the wall for the next few weeks. He needs to pick up a few big results in order to get the Chelsea fans back onside, because as we all know, they have a tendency to be a little bit fickle. As time goes on perhaps that will change, but to be honest, that’s not what this piece is really about. Instead, it’s about us wanting to delve more into the idea that the Blues are going to be a big threat for Arsenal this season.

To cut a long story short, we think any and all Arsenal fans that are mocking Chelsea and are writing them off are foolish. They were looking good up until they conceded their first goal against United yesterday, and oh, they also beat Arsenal just a few months ago in the Europa League final over in Baku. Last season they were supposedly in turmoil, and they still came out of the campaign with a pretty strong season to their name.

Will Chelsea pose a threat to Arsenal this season?

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