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Why Arsenal fans need to calm down about Arteta

Posted on November 13, 2020 by Harry Kettle

The international break forces clubs to sit and reflect on their last few results prior to the two-week hiatus, and for Arsenal fans, that period of reflection hasn’t been all too fun for them. On one hand they’re flying high in the Europa League and they finally beat Manchester United at Old Trafford in the league, but on the flip side, they were beaten 3-0 by Aston Villa in a humbling night at the Emirates.

Results like that really do raise some questions, regardless of the fact that Villa put an even bigger beating on Liverpool. The biggest problem that many supporters have is how similar this feels to the sort of regime we saw in the last few years of Arsene Wenger’s premiership.

There’s no way of comparing him with Mikel Arteta when you look at their experience levels but it has to be said that there is still a lingering mentality in this side that stems from the final days of the Wenger era. You can try and blame the Frenchman for that or you may even decide to point the sword of blame in the direction of Arteta but either way, that’s an issue that needs to be addressed.

One thing that should be rock solid, though, is the manager’s position. Some are suggesting that the club needs to cut ties with the young gaffer before things spiral out of control, and some have even likened him to Unai Emery. You know, the guy who had a history of not lasting particularly long at any of the clubs he managed.

Recency bias is a very strange thing and it seems to be playing a big role in what’s going on here. Just a matter of months ago we were all praising Arteta after he was able to win the FA Cup against all the odds, and then after that, he was able to guide the Gunners to a win in the Community Shield.

Those wins didn’t come as a result of a fluke any anyone who suggests such a thing needs to re-evaluate their position as a fan, because Arteta’s talents are clear for all to see. He may not be the next Pep Guardiola quite yet but if we wait it out, it’s a virtual guarantee that things are going to keep getting better in the months and maybe even years to come.

What can Arteta achieve during his time as Arsenal manager?

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