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What’s the message from the Ramsey situation?

Posted on November 22, 2018 by Harry Kettle

Yup, we said the R-word – time to put a quarter in the jar (no we aren’t American but that’s just what they say in all of the movies).

The Aaron Ramsey saga goes up and down like a rollercoaster on a week to week basis, in the sense that sometimes it appears as if things are going really well and then other times it feels like they really, really aren’t. Regardless of that, though, there are some really interesting layers to the tale that kind of (at least in our mind) represent the bigger picture of this weird and wonderful world of transfers.

Yes, we’re still talking about it

That sounds a bit over the top but we feel like it’s pretty accurate, especially given that the Welshman is still young enough to develop into a world class midfielder. We think it’s pretty damn good at this point but he certainly struggles with consistency from time to time, and there’s still a lot of room for him to grow – and we mean that emotionally, too, because he hasn’t exactly been a saint in this whole process as much as people want to solely blame the club.

To put it as bluntly as we possibly can, the biggest thing that we think this represents in terms of a ‘message’ is that communication has never been more important in the game than now. We don’t mean communicating through the media, because that’s one of the biggest problems on display here – we mean arranging a meeting, sitting down with a player and letting them know how it is face to face.

Sit down and hash it out

Instead of the politics surrounding the situation with contracts, agents and transfer talk leaking to the press, it’s all about rediscovering the maturity that made football what it was back in the day. We aren’t suggesting that the rumour mill should stop because that’s never going to happen, but there was clearly a breakdown in communication between these two parties somewhere along the line – and by the time it was rectified, you could argue it was too late.

Perhaps the intention always was to let Ramsey leave in search of first team football elsewhere in Europe, but without sounding too much like a conspiracy theorist, we believe there’s more to the story than that and there always has been.

What message does the Aaron Ramsey saga send to fans?

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