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Wenger to Bayern?

Posted on October 19, 2018 by Harry Kettle

There has been a variety of rumours floating around in the wake of Arsene Wenger revealing that he wants to return to management (or football in some manner). The Frenchman has never been one to keep his cards close to his chest so it wasn’t exactly surprising to see him make the revelation, and while he may have hinted at a move to Japan, it certainly does feel like he’s destined to take on another role in Europe.

The rumour mill

One such club that he’s been linked with in European football is Bayern Munich, and to say that would be a groundbreaking move would be an understatement. Wenger’s style would likely fit German football quite nicely but this would be a huge, huge ask for him, especially given how well Borussia Dortmund are playing right now.

Bayern are considered to be one of the best clubs in Europe but they’re failing to live up to that reputation thus far, being located down in 6th after dropping points in three of their first seven Bundesliga games. You could absolutely make the argument that Wenger wouldn’t do anything to really turn things around, of course, but the timing just seems to make sense.

Pros and cons

While the former Arsenal gaffer did say he wants to come back in 2019, we imagine he’ll probably alter that timeline if something opens up in the next few months. It would be decent timing with winter being right around the corner, and he wouldn’t haveĀ thatĀ much ground to make up on the teams above him. Plus, with Bayern, he may have one more legitimate shot at claiming Champions League glory after all these years.

A lot of Arsenal fans are still bitter towards Wenger for clinging onto his position as manager for so long, but that doesn’t seem healthy nor logical. Now that he’s no longer a part of the club it only makes sense to appreciate and honour everything that was good about what he did, because otherwise, you just come across as a little bit cynical. Of course, it’d be fascinating to see Arsenal going up against Bayern at some point if Arsene did take charge, but even if that doesn’t happen we’d like to see him take on the role anyway purely so that he can prove himself to the world once again.

Do you want to see Arsene Wenger return to management?

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