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Wenger claims Ramsey is in a strong position

Posted on October 15, 2018 by Harry Kettle

Former Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has reportedly claimed that Aaron Ramsey is in a strong position in terms of his ongoing contract negotiations. It’s no secret that Ramsey is on the verge of leaving the club after talks broke down, and while Wenger himself didn’t say all too much on the matter, he seemed to indicate that the Welshman is going to ‘use’ his current situation to his advantage.


Aside from the fact that Wenger’s opinion should be taken with a pinch of salt given that he’s a former boss at the club, it certainly seems interesting to indicate that a man who spent as much time with Ramsey as he did would say this. After all, it’s not exactly something a player with much honour would do, and fans have long since wondered whether or not the problem lies with the club or Aaron himself.

The whole ordeal is pretty tiring and it’s no secret that many fans are just exhausted by even hearing his name at this point, but as long as he keeps producing the goods on the pitch, these discussions are going to continue. Ramsey knows that he is on a great run of form, and the midfielder wants to use that in order to land the best deal possible. Yes, it’s a logical thing to do, but it’s not a great way to treat a club that has been so good to you over the years.

Please make it stop

You could absolutely make the argument that the biggest problem of all lies with the club, but even so, the whole scenario is just embarrassing. When someone like Wenger is getting involved you know that it’s spread too far, because he often seems to stay away from most topics relating to Arsenal. For the record, we think that’s a pretty smart move.

We’re not bothered about Ramsey staying even after his performances as of late, because all it’s going to do is showcase to other players that this is the right method to use when wanting an improved contract. It makes a mockery of things, in all honesty, and we just can’t wait for the Premier League to get underway so we can focus on the football itself.

Is Aaron Ramsey actually going to leave the club by next summer?

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