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Two Arsenal games rescheduled for TV

Posted on September 25, 2020 by Harry Kettle

The days when we all get annoyed about TV games ruining our plans to attend in person are long gone – for the time being, at least. We all need to start getting used to the fact that fans aren’t going to be present in the stadium for at least six months and potentially even longer, and while those regulations may be adjusted ever so slightly, the future still looks bleak in that regard.

Still, fans will be able to sit and watch the action unfold on their TV screens, and that’s not the worst second place prize in the world. Courtesy of, we’ve had confirmation come through regarding two pretty important games that have been rescheduled ever so slightly.

Liverpool v Arsenal
Monday, September 28
Kick-off: 8pm (originally 8.15pm)

Arsenal v Sheffield United
Sunday, October 4 (originally Saturday, October 3)
Kick-off: 2pm

Our instinct, as well as common logic, tells us that the Liverpool game has been pushed back by 15 minutes so that fans watching in the pub don’t get kicked out at 10pm in the 85th minute due to the new COVID-19 restrictions. On the flip side, though, the Blades encounter being moved to the Sunday is welcomed, if only because it gives the Gunners an opportunity to sit back and watch to see what those around them can do prior to their own game.

Do you care about the games being rescheduled?

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