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Torreira wants Boca move following mother’s death

Posted on April 02, 2021 by Veselin Trajkovic

Lucas Torreira gave a very emotional interview to ESPN Argentina recently, in which he confirmed his mother had passed away and revealed his intention to fulfill the wish of his father to return to South America.

The 25-year-old midfielder arrived to Arsenal from Sampdoria in 2018. His early time at the club was full of ups and downs, but he still made 89 appearances for the club over two years before joining Atletico Madrid on a season-long loan last year. The loan obviously expires soon, and then there’ll still be two years on his contract with the Gunners.

Only 53 years old, Lucas’s mother battled against the notorious COVID-19 for 11 days, before finally giving up the fight. He says he initially got a week off from Atletico boss Diego Simeone, but the leave was extended further on his request and he is due back in Madrid on Sunday.

The Uruguay international also revealed that he had always dreamed of playing for Boca Juniors.

“Nobody from Boca called, they sent me a shirt. And the day Boca played Santos, I sent a message to encourage them,” he said. “I just want to play for Boca. I have made my decision. I will do it for my father. He asked me and I’m going to do it.”

Aware of his contract and his responsibility to Arsenal set therein, Torreira says he doesn’t know his own market value but he doesn’t think Boca can afford a permanent transfer straight away, so he hopes the two clubs will be able to reach some kind of a loan agreement when he returns from Atletico at the end of the season.

Torreira made it perfectly clear that he wasn’t happy with the time he’s had at Arsenal so far, as well as that he doesn’t play the way he likes at Atletico either and that it’s been two years now since the last time he felt happy.

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