Tony Adams' Tottenham dig

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Tony Adams’ Tottenham dig

Posted on June 11, 2018 by Harry Kettle

With the 2018 FIFA World Cup being right around the corner, you would think that the media would be focusing on getting behind the England national team as they prepare to try and prove the doubters wrong by having a successful tournament in Russia. As reported by The Express, however, one former England legend has taken it upon himself to sprinkle some negativity into the mix prior to things getting underway.

We are, of course, talking about Tony Adams. Now while the ex-PL winning defender may have been a fantastic player back in his day, his punditry skills don’t quite seem to have the same impact. In fact, it seems as if he’s still letting his Arsenal roots dictate some of his views to this day.

“You must be able to handle winning emotionally and mentally and if they don’t know how to win it, they aren’t going to win it,” Adams said.

“I’m really worried about these Tottenham players, I don’t think they know how to win.

“They’re very good players but at certain points in seasons and tournaments, you have to step up — there’s a psyche players must have.”

You mean the same Tottenham squad that registered four more Premier League victories this season than the Gunners, Tony?

Look, as an Arsenal website we’re also conditioned to hate on everything that Spurs do – but this is the World Cup we’re talking about here. There’s no time for rivalries and allegiances to domestic clubs, and that kind of mentality is one of the major reasons why our ‘golden generation’ never had any real success in either the WC or the European Championships.

For some bizarre reason, the English media continue to be fixated on this idea that we need to tear these players down piece by piece as opposed to building them up. It’s such a backwards thought process and we’ve seen the negative results of it time and time again in the last few decades.

We aren’t suggesting that we should all have painfully unrealistic expectations of what they can accomplish, but maybe let’s give the benefit of the doubt to a Tottenham team who are being represented by several of our most important players in Russia this summer.

What do you think of Tony Adams’ remarks?

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  1. Mark Kitching says:

    He has a point. Spuds players bottle it when they get a sniff of real success.

    They were heralded as world beaters when they beat Real Madrid, they were favourites to win the FA Cup, but when it comes to it they fold under pressure.

    Spurs winning four more games than Arsenal is a nonsense comparison and weakens your argument. So what if Spurs had ten more wins than Arsenal, they still didn’t win anything.

    Adams wasn’t making a point about Arsenal’s mentality, which is clearly better by the way given our squad;s recent FA Cup wins.

    There are a lot of Spurs players in the England squad and none of them have tasted success. While Kane is undoubtedly England’s best striker, he and the other Spurs players haven’t covered themselves in glory when tested. You can play pretty football, win loads of top scorer awards but when it comes to it you have to deliver!

  2. Flele says:

    Tony Adams is right about Spurs players. They bottle it when it comes to winning trophies. They don’t have what it takes when it matters.
    Winning more league games than Arsenal is not a factor. Tony just gave an honest assessment of Spurs players.

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