Three exciting factors heading into next season

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Three exciting factors heading into next season

Posted on May 09, 2018 by Harry Kettle

While change can often be a difficult thing for people to deal with, in football, it’s one of the biggest aspects of the game. Things evolve and move on every single day, and because of that, most fans are often able to prepare themselves for what’s to come. In regards to Arsenal supporters, however, things are going to feel a little bit different next season as they go ahead with their lives without long-term manager Arsene Wenger.

It was always going to be a sad occurrence regardless of his recent failures, but with loss comes opportunity – and for the Gunners, there’s a lot of room for them to grow. After spending the last few years battling for a place in the top four, they’ll want to return to the days of challenging for the Premier League title and making a serious push in the Champions League.

These things don’t happen overnight, but with a whole summer to prepare, we can think of a few factors that may cause excitement among the Emirates faithful.

New Manager

Enrique, Allegri, Tuchel, Simeone – it doesn’t matter who it is. As long as someone comes into the fold with a desire to take the Gunners back to where they deserve to be, then the fans are going to be loving life. While some often say that there’s no room for error when managing a big club, that couldn’t really be any further from the truth here. Nobody knows what to expect of the new gaffer and as such, he’ll probably be awarded plenty of time to install his own system at the Emirates.

Lacazette & Aubameyang

Alexandre Lacazette & Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang are two of the most exciting forwards in world football right now, and they both play for Arsenal Football Club. They’ve already combined to score over 20 goals between them so far this season, and after being given a full pre-season together, they could wind up terrorising the rest of the Premier League. In many ways, it’s a stereotypical thing to say, but their potential as a duo is overwhelming.

The Unknown

This entry may be seen as being a little bit scary for some, but isn’t that the beauty of football at times? As we move into the summer transfer window, nobody really knows what’s waiting around the corner. From the tactical changes that could be made by the new gaffer to the potential transfers that could be made, the Gunners find themselves going into the end of the season with an open mind. There’s no guarantee of success, but there’s also no guarantee of failure, and that leaves the door open for something special.

What are you most excited about next season?

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