Could Thomas Tuchel work out at Arsenal?

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Could Thomas Tuchel work out at Arsenal?

Posted on March 26, 2018 by Harry Kettle

The rumours linking Thomas Tuchel to Arsenal have been going on for a while now, but it seems as if they’re starting to gain even more traction. The German is widely expected to succeed Arsene Wenger once his two-decade-long tenure finally comes to an end, and it’s interesting from an outsider’s perspective to analyse whether this really is the best course of action.

There’s no doubting that it’s a name football purists will be excited about, given that he’s been making some noise over in Germany for the better part of 10 years. If you aren’t aware of what’s been going on in the Bundesliga, however, then there’s a very good chance that Thomas Tuchel is nothing more than a name to you.

Tuchel’s pedigree

Which is understandable, but football isn’t about marketability and it’s not about name value – it’s about providing fans with the best possible results, and that’s something Arsenal Football Club desperately needs right now.

With just one DFB-Pokal to his name you could argue that he hasn’t got much of a pedigree where silverware is concerned, but then again, how many young managers do? Tuchel is just 44 years of age which is going to be a massive bonus for him moving forward because it allows him to grow into the role and provides the former defender with the benefit of being able to learn on the job. Sure, older managers can do that too, but they aren’t as likely to be awarded as much time.

Possible speed bumps

With that being said, there are certainly negative connotations surrounding him too – with many stemming from his transfer policies. Tuchel seems very ‘possessive’ so to speak when it comes to maintaining some of his best players, which is in reference to his frustrations with the sales that Borussia Dortmund made during his run.

Although that doesn’t really excuse his exit from Mainz, in which he seemed to throw his toys out of the pram regarding not being given enough money with which to spend in the transfer market. Obviously, he probably just wanted to further the progress of the team, but these kinds of issues should be sorted behind closed doors – and Tuchel seems to have a habit of airing his dirty laundry.

Arsenal need stability right now and while he may provide that on the pitch, it seems as if he’d have quite a few demands upon arrival.

Is Thomas Tuchel the right man for the job?

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