Thierry Henry's views on defending are irrelevant

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Thierry Henry’s views on defending are irrelevant

Posted on April 16, 2018 by Harry Kettle

As reported by Evening Standard, it turns out that former professional footballer and Arsenal legend Thierry Henry had some interesting viewpoints in regards to the club’s poor defending against Newcastle United at the weekend. The Gunners lost the game 2-1, which ended a run of seven matches unbeaten in all competitions. You see, that’s the part that the 40-year-old pundit seemed to forget.

He also doesn’t seem to realise that in order to be a top-level pundit, you need to provide in-depth analysis at all times as opposed to vague statements every so often. Sure, his enthusiasm is nice to see, but what on what grounds can the Frenchman make any kind of statistical analysis when it comes to defending? His one and only job was to put the ball in the back of the net, and while Arsenal weren’t exactly exemplary at St James’ Park, what on earth has it got to do with him anymore?

The club have been able to bounce back from a poor run of form a few months back, and now, they find themselves on the verge of winning the Europa League and qualifying for the Champions League next season. Unfortunately, that’s not enough for Thierry, who is ‘worried’ about the fact that they have to battle it out with Burnley for 6th.

News flash: it doesn’t matter. If Arsenal don’t win the Europa League and drop into 7th, it’s probably going to be a blessing in disguise. The same thing happened to Liverpool a few years back and they wound up having a great season, and for Arsene Wenger, it gives him a chance to focus on having the best possible Premier League campaign in what will probably be his final season in charge.

Henry can continue to steal a living from Sky Sports all he wants, but he needs to stop planting this idea in the heads of fans that this loss is a disaster. It’s not. The club still have a lot to fight for, and his negativity isn’t helping anything right now. The defeat was disheartening, but this is the time to be rallying around the team instead of tearing it down. If you want to protest alongside half of the fanbase, wait until the final whistle is blown.

Do you agree with Thierry Henry?

2 to “Thierry Henry’s views on defending are irrelevant”

  1. Neil Fitt says:

    Yes I agree with Henry’s analysis of the defensive errors. Naive of mustafi to allow the forward across the front of him at near post for the second game running ( not really learning much then). And asleep for the second goal from the throw in (please!)
    Not enough defensive work on the training ground I fear! It doesn’t matter who you buy if you don’t practise enough!
    I blame Steve Bould and Arsene Wenger for that!
    Losing Away from home is down to confidence under pressure at the back!
    Practise makes perfect and breeds confidence.

  2. Ken says:

    Another Arsene a** licker!
    Are you not fed with this type of defending? I believe that you’ll choose to miss on UCL, Europa and gradually becoming a mid table team, rather that scratching your beloved Arsene.
    Your ridicule article can only be matched by your idiotic tentative to defend the clueless and insipid manager.

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