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The Zaha fascination continues

Posted on June 15, 2019 by Harry Kettle

There are question marks regarding who Arsenal are going to end up signing during the summer transfer window, and rightly so. The Gunners are coming off the back of an exceptionally disappointing season, and there’s really no other way of getting around that. They lost in the Europa League final to rivals Chelsea and failed to break into the top four, meaning Champions League football is out of the question. That’s just a fact.

Could it happen?

But instead of focusing on the past, it’s time to start considering the future. The transfer window is going to be a hectic period, and it’s going to be really important that Unai Emery makes a positive impact. If he doesn’t, then we could wind up seeing Arsenal struggle even more so than they have this time around.

The biggest transfer story where Arsenal is concerned, at this moment in time, is in regards to Wilfried Zaha. The Crystal Palace star has been heavily linked with a move away from Selhurst Park over the course of the last few months, and even years. We all remember the last time he left the Eagles, too, when he decided to sign with Manchester United as a youngster. As we all know, that didn’t quite work out all too well.

The Zaha intrigue

This time around it could be completely different, but of course, that all depends on where he goes. Arsenal is a club that has been home to some all time greats in the English game, but let’s face it, recent years haven’t been so kind. There’s a great chance that Zaha could go on to do some fantastic things with the Gunners, but in no way, shape or form is that a guarantee. In fact, it’s far from it.

We’d love to see Wilf give his all in the famous red and white strip, but at this moment in time, we just can’t see it happening. If he does make the move then they need to try and build the whole squad around him, and whilst that may sound a little bit crazy, that’s the kind of demand that he requires. He is a commodity and he always has been, so it’s time for him to be treated as such – in our opinion, anyway.

Do you think Arsenal will sign Wilfried Zaha, and if they do, how would you feel about the move?

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