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The Torreira problem

Posted on September 21, 2018 by Harry Kettle

It seems as if waiting around every corner is another obstacle for the majority of Premier League clubs these days, especially those that compete in Europe. Arsenal are no strangers to that and despite the fact they managed to come away with the three points from their game against Vorskla last night, that’ll likely be outweighed by the fact that Lucas Torreira hobbled off with a knee injury as thousands upon thousands of fans collectively held their breath.

The life and soul

We don’t think that it’s an exaggeration to suggest that the 22 year old has been an absolute revelation for Arsenal since arriving at the club, alongside Guendouzi – who actually replaced him during the game. He seems to have adapted brilliantly to the English style, and the Uruguayan really does feel like someone who can carve out a thoroughly successful career for himself over here.

Of course, these kinds of things don’t happen overnight and it’s still going to take time for him to reach that ‘elite’ level, which is why a handful of Arsenal supporters are probably thinking that it was a mistake to play him against Vorskla. While he was, once again, a force to be reckoned with, it felt like they could’ve dealt with the Ukranian side without having to risk him. Now, Arsenal find themselves wondering whether or not he’s even going to be fit for the game against Everton at the weekend – which is a big concern.

Potential danger

While the Toffees haven’t exactly been setting the world on fire this season, Richarlison is going to be a nightmare for any club in this division to deal with, and they have attacking threats littered throughout the rest of their squad too. Torreira is the key to so many different moves for Arsenal that it’s not exactly shocking to suggest that he’s going to be a big miss for them (if he doesn’t play).

A game like this could be vital for Emery’s side because if they win, they’ll make it five consecutive victories in all competitions. That may not seem like much but it’s a huge statement of intent, whereas a loss could completely kill their confidence. They’re capable of winning the game with or without Lucas Torreira, but still, let’s keep our fingers crossed shall we?

How big of a miss would Torreira be against Everton?

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