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The Sanchez timing

Posted on September 18, 2018 by Harry Kettle

Look, we don’t like being negative or disparaging to former players of Arsenal Football Club, because there’s just no point in doing so. Every single man and woman who has pulled on that famous strip has contributed something towards the lineage of this football team, whether it be for good or for bad. Sure, we can debate how effective or impactful they were during their time here, but we should never go as far as to openly criticise them when the issue has been put to rest.

The elephant in the room

Alas, while we aren’t exactly going to ruin the public image of Alexis Sanchez here, we do feel like we need to speak about him. While the 29 year old has certainly had his moments at Old Trafford since joining the club, and while he may be earning some seriously big bucks, it doesn’t feel like that’s enough to justify what’s happened since he’s gone there. The guy has been at the forefront of a United team that is crumbling before our very eyes, with Jose Mourinho very much leading them in a downward direction. Or, at least, that’s how it comes across to us.

We’ve all been somewhat trained to criticise the manner in which he left as well as how long the whole saga took, and while it was a detriment, the timing seems to have been perfect. With Alexis gone, new Arsenal manager Unai Emery has been able to spread the responsibility of carrying the Gunners forward throughout a series of different attacking players. Everyone seems to be actually playing for the manager, and we aren’t having to deal with someone who believes he’s too big for the club.

Looking back

We’ll forever be in debt to Alexis for what he was able to produce on the pitch at the Emirates, but we can’t sit here and not be a little bit smug about how everything has played out.

Obviously we’d probably take him back in a heartbeat for six months to a year if he’s in form and decides to have his swansong with us (unlikely), but honestly, it really does feel like we’re going in a better direction that he is right now. We wish him all the best in terms of his own personal achievements, but it definitely feels like Arsenal are en route to finishing above United this year – and we aren’t just saying that for the sake of it.

Was selling Alexis Sanchez the right move?

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