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The Ramsey question mark

Posted on April 02, 2019 by Harry Kettle

Following on from another solid Aaron Ramsey performance against Newcastle United last night, fans have started reminiscing about the last decade of the Welshman being a member of Arsenal Football Club. The midfield maestro (at times) has been able to carve out a really strong career for himself with the Gunners, and when we say strong, we understand that there may be some varying viewpoints on that. Logistically speaking he is on his final run as an Arsenal player, which is probably why this conversation has been so prevalent in the last few days.

The Welshman

One of the things we feel like fans need to take into consideration here is how stressful the last few months (if not the last year) has been in regards to Aaron Ramsey. We can completely understand and appreciate that some people won’t even want to bring this subject matter up again, but it’s hard to ignore. Nobody definitively knows whether or not it was Aaron’s fault regarding the uncertainty of his contract, and to be honest, a lot of fans don’t even care.

But even if you’re one of the people that doesn’t care, you can’t try and ignore it. It’s a big part of his story in the latter stages of his Arsenal run, and it’s a shame. Of course, all of this still isn’t going to be enough for his fans to say anything negative about him – and we can somewhat understand that logic.

Looking back

Aaron Ramsey will go down as a¬†solid Gunners midfielder and nothing more, nothing less, in our opinion. He’s likely going to be going on to bigger and better things for himself as a player, and you can’t exactly begrudge him of that. Was his time here perfect? No, but that’s very rarely the case at this club.

There’s a case to be made that we should be focusing on what he’s done on the pitch more so than the rumour mill off of it, and with that in mind, it’s worth going back and taking a look at his highlights from the game against Newcastle that we mentioned at the top. He put in one hell of a shift, and it’s a great way for him to go out as he gears up for the final few games with the club.

What will you remember most about Aaron Ramsey when he leaves Arsenal Football Club in the summer transfer window?

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