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The pros and cons

Posted on November 15, 2019 by Harry Kettle

There have been plenty of divisive figures within Arsenal Football Club over the years, and sometimes there have been too many to count. As the years go by, however, those grudges and divisive issues start to fall away – and in place of them we have new villains and issues, which is kind of a sickening indication of what life itself is like in 2019. But, anyway, moving on.

Today we’re going to run down the things we think are great and the things we think aren’t so great when it comes to good old Unai Emery. We say good old, but of course, it’s well known that Emery has been struggling to really find his footing within the realms of the Emirates over the last few months and beyond.

It dates back to the Europa League Final when his tactical decisions really didn’t help Arsenal to get much of a footing in the match, with Chelsea being able to win the trophy and put an end to Arsenal’s Champions League hopes for another season. Anyway, as opposed to getting all depressed about that, let’s take a look at what else we can draw out from the Emery playbook.


In terms of incoming transfers, there have been plenty of reasons to be positive about the work that Emery has done. A series of bright new faces, both experienced and fresh, have come through the ranks since the Spaniard has been in charge and they’re all players who could do well regardless of whether or not he’s still going to be on the books. As a team, and as a unit, they may not necessarily be gelling every single week, but that could come in time.


Emery needs to learn how to fight back and really mix things up from a tactical perspective, because right now, he looks clueless. The players aren’t finding their passion, they clearly don’t respect the manager, and the manager himself doesn’t even know what his best starting XI is anymore. It’s all a big mess, and something needs to change.

Will he stay or will he go?

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