The pros and cons of Arsenal Fan TV

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The pros and cons of Arsenal Fan TV

Posted on March 17, 2018 by Harry Kettle

Arsenal Fan TV has been a revelation of sorts over the last few years, as fans of the North London club have been given the chance to voice their opinions in the form of a YouTube interview. Given that Arsene Wenger’s men haven’t been so successful as of late, it’s not hard to imagine why it’s been such a popular form of entertainment for opposition fans.

It seems as if business couldn’t be better for the channel, and as we move into the latter stages of the season, we thought it’d be interesting to weigh up the pros and the cons of the service.


Firstly, and this may seem a little bit silly to some, but it helps to put Arsenal on the map in regards to world football. While many would’ve heard of the club already they’ve certainly been on the decline in recent years, and we’ve legitimately seen people from Africa, America and beyond following the team in order to see what the reactions of the ‘pundits’ would be.

Plus, it also shines a light on what can be done to rectify the problems at the club. It’s no secret that the higher-ups know all about it, and alongside the Arsenal Supporters Trust, it can be used as an avenue for board members to hear the grievances of some fans. Oh, and it gives the supporters a voice, which is always a positive.


The cons may be a little bit obvious but they need to be stated – first off, it’s humiliating for a large portion of the fanbase. When these guys get into their rants there truly is no stopping them, and sometimes it can be a little bit embarrassing to tell people that you’re associated with these gentlemen courtesy of the football team you support.

Secondly, it divides supporters at times when they need to be uniting. Other clubs can debate back and forth on Twitter without things escalating too much, but Arsenal fans really do take offence to some of the things these featured ‘stars’ are saying. Because of that, the tension undoubtedly causes a small ripple effect which could change the atmosphere at the Emirates on any given day.

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