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The planned trophy parade celebrations

Posted on May 15, 2019 by Harry Kettle

We’re not all too far away from Arsenal’s Europa League final, as the club go in search of a European trophy for the first time in a long time. The Gunners have certainly been able to earn their place in Baku throughout the course of the competition, to the point where a lot of neutrals believe they are the favourites to lift the trophy. Whether that’s true or not, it doesn’t really matter – because what does matter is that the club gets the job done regardless of the expectations.

The classic hype train

Alas, there are always going to be a few interesting anecdotes that come out in the build-up to a final of this magnitude, because that’s just to be expected, right? One of those anecdotes doesn’t really paint Arsenal in the best light – but only if you read the headline and nothing else. As it turns out, the club have been planning the initial stages of their proposed Europa League trophy parade for quite a few months now.

They clearly wanted to get out ahead of it just in case an event of this magnitude couldn’t go ahead, but it’s quite amusing to learn that they did so before the quarter final stage. There was still a long way for them to go by that point and while the proper plans wouldn’t have been put in place for quite some time, it’s still worth noting.

Let’s calm things down a bit

There’s not much to this story other than the fact that the Gunners were clearly confident in their chances, and let’s face it, you need to be at this level. If you don’t have confidence as high level European club then you aren’t going to find much success, and that’s not just us spinning words for the sake of it, because anyone will tell you that is a fact.

This is a little bit of fun and nothing more, but in a few weeks time, the fun is going to turn into a very different emotion. Arsenal are going to need to be more focused than they have been in a long time when they come up against Chelsea, because the Blues would love nothing more than to prevent their rivals from playing Champions League football next season.

There’s a lot riding on this – and that means more than a trophy parade.

Will you attend Arsenal’s trophy parade if they end up winning the Europa League in Baku?

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