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The Official Prediction

Posted on August 10, 2018 by Harry Kettle

The time for talk is almost over, as clubs up and down the country prepare themselves for the new season. Some are considered to be title contenders and others will be fearing relegation, but whatever the case may be, the unpredictability of English football is likely going to keep us all guessing until the very last day of the season. One club we’ve been keeping a particularly close eye on, shockingly enough, is Arsenal.

We did something similar to this earlier on in the summer but we’re going to use an updated version, with the Premier League season being just a matter of hours away now. A lot of these predictions may seem a little bit wild, but for the most part, we’re pretty happy with them.

Premier League – 4th

Managing expectations is going to be the biggest obstacle for Unai Emery, with many fans around the world expecting perfection within a matter of weeks. Whilst we don’t think that’ll happen, we do believe that the Gunners will be able to edge their way into the top four – even if it takes until the final day of the season for it to happen. Manchester United, Tottenham & Chelsea are all uncertain entities, and if Arsenal can gain some momentum, they’re more than capable of making this happen.

Europa League – Winners

Last season Arsenal were one step away from the Europa League final, and this time, we believe they’re going to go one step further before winning the whole thing. Whilst they’ll still qualify for the Champions League through their 4th place position, winning this competition will be a statement to everyone who thinks it’s too soon for Emery to bring home any silverware.

FA Cup – Quarter-finals

The FA Cup certainly isn’t going to be a priority but as any team will tell you, it’s always nice to go on a cup run. We still believe that the manager will put out a fairly strong team throughout the course of the opening rounds, with a few youngsters sprinkled in here and there. However, we’ve got the feeling that they’ll come up against another top six team who will be taking things a little bit more seriously which will lead to their downfall.

League Cup – Quarter-finals

The League Cup is probably going to be even less of a priority, but we’re confident that Arsenal’s youngsters can shock a lot of people by making it all the way to the final eight. They’ve got a great youth system in place at the Emirates and Emery seems eager to scout out some homegrown talent, which is one of the primary positives surrounding a competition like the League Cup.

How do you think Arsenal will fare this season?

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