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The main rivals

Posted on January 31, 2019 by Harry Kettle

This week’s set of Premier League fixtures, so far, have been a little bit turbulent to say the least. We’ve been treated to some great games and some shocking results in equal measure, and Arsenal have been right in the middle of that. They’ve heavily involved in the race to secure one of the two Champions League spots in 3rd and 4th between now and the end of the season, with the (correct) assumption being that Liverpool and Manchester City probably can’t be caught at this stage.

So then, with so much chaos during the week, we thought now would be as good of a time as any to review who we believe poses the biggest threat to Arsenal’s chances. All of the teams we’re going to list have solid attributes in their own right, but they also have the tendency to slip up – as we’ve seen play out over the last few days.


While it’s no secret that they’ve had some fairly embarrassing defeats over the course of the last few weeks, Spurs are still firmly in the driving seat in the race for 3rd, with some believing they could even make a late surge for the title. We don’t think that’ll happen but their win over Watford did open a lot of eyes regarding what they’re capable of under pressure, because they could’ve quite easily crumbled under the weight of the situation. As it is, though, Arsenal should probably be focusing their attention elsewhere.


Even with the signing of Gonzalo Higuain, Chelsea feel like a club that is destined to fall apart. Their loss against Bournemouth served as a big wake up call for Maurizio Sarri, who already seems to have lost the respect and trust of the dressing room. They’ll be in the race until around April or so, but we think they’ll fall off.

Manchester United

In our mind, this is where Arsenal should be looking over their shoulder. Solskjaer has completely revitalised this team, to the point where we’re convinced they’re going to be a bigger threat to Emery’s side than Chelsea and Spurs. United have the momentum on their side and it can’t be understated just how important that is, especially at this level. We think Arsenal are capable of holding them off, but it’s certainly going to be close.

Who do you believe is Arsenal’s biggest threat in the race for the top four – Spurs, Chelsea or United?

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