The Liverpool result - a pro or con?

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The Liverpool result – a pro or con?

Posted on May 27, 2018 by Harry Kettle

Last night, Liverpool tried and failed to become the Champions of Europe as they lost 3-1 to Real Madrid in the final. Zidane’s side won the trophy for the third straight year, solidifying their position as one of the greatest teams of all time – and perhaps even the greatest. Many will say that Karius is the biggest story of the evening, and yet, Gareth Bale and Cristiano Ronaldo both did their best to ensure that they stole the show.

We’ll probably look back on the final and see it as a huge opportunity missed for the Reds, but beyond that, it’s going to be interesting to see how English fans react – and the Gunners in particular. There’s never been a huge rivalry between the tw0 teams apart from the fact that they’re both attempting to win the Premier League, and they’ve been two of the biggest sides in the country for a few decades now.

However, you have to question whether or not Arsenal fans should be celebrating their loss or not. If they’ve got a genuine dislike for the club for legitimate reasons then that makes sense, but otherwise, there needs to be some kind of patriotism here. While Liverpool fans tend to say they’re ‘Scouse not English’, which is ridiculous, we need to think about the benefits as opposed to the negatives.

If an English team wins the European Cup, it’s better for everyone. It raises the profile of the league depending on where Arsenal finish, it breaks the hold on the competition by the Spanish teams, and in a weird way, it’d probably give us a nice boost heading into the World Cup to see Jordan Henderson lifting a trophy.

It sounds silly and it sounds outlandish, but we feel like English fans need to stick together. What’s the alternative – losing a place in the competition due to how poorly we perform in it? It’s not a sin to admit that Liverpool’s run to the final was impressive.

Did you celebrate Liverpool’s defeat?

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