The Jack Wilshere saga continues

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The Jack Wilshere saga continues

Posted on May 01, 2018 by Harry Kettle

As reported by Daily Mirror, a brand new offer has been made by Arsenal to midfielder Jack Wilshere in an attempt to keep him at the Emirates. The 26-year-old has been bouncing back and forth in regards to whether or not he’s going to stay, and while we haven’t heard those words come from him directly, it’s been hinted at enough in the media to the point where it’s obvious to see he’s got a bit of a personal dilemma here.

The Englishman’s current deal reportedly brings him £110,000 a week, and Arsenal’s revised offer of £90,000 a week apparently just isn’t good enough for him. Alas, despite the incentives that were in place, Wilshere wasn’t interested – but now, the Gunners have come back with a deal in excess of £100,000.

It’s somewhat easy for us to talk about these kinds of things, given that we’ve never actually been in a similar position (at least, most of us haven’t). While it may come across as greedy to casual fans that Wilshere isn’t willing to take a slight pay cut for the sake of the team, it’s all about value and it’s all about the message that is being put across. This is an England international who is about to move into the prime of his career, and understandably, he wants to be valued for everything he’s done for Arsenal Football Club over the years.

It makes sense in a lot of ways because he’s been the heart of the team at times when nobody else seemed particularly interested in giving their all. That’s a hard position to find yourself in no matter how many different ways you swing it, but beyond that, there’s absolutely no guarantee that Wilshere will fit the agenda of the new manager coming in.

Because of these issues, it’s not impossible to imagine this dragging out over the summer, which is a time in which Jack should instead be focusing on giving his all for England at the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

Other clubs such as AC Milan, Everton, Juventus and even Wolves have expressed their interest in acquiring his services as a free agent, but you’ve got to imagine that Wilshere is still holding out on his contract because his true desire is to stay at the club. In the modern era, it’s extremely rare that you see someone of Jack’s calibre remain at one club throughout the majority of their career, and to be honest, we’re starting to get in the mindset of wanting to see him stay.

Should Jack Wilshere stay at the Emirates?

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