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The intrigue of Dani Ceballos

Posted on July 12, 2019 by Harry Kettle

We’re back with another rumour that is lingering around the Emirates like a bad smell, because you know, it’s transfer window season and that’s just what happens. This one really does seem to be a bit of a stretch, but hey, that’s the way of the game. The ‘rumour’ that we’re referring to links the Gunners to Real Madrid midfielder Dani Ceballos, who is said to be very interested in a move away from the club – but only on loan.

A fascinating youngster

We added the on loan part because, interestingly enough, it’s supposedly Dani himself that is pleading for this clause as opposed to a permanent deal. He seems to believe that there’s still some value in the idea of him returning to the club somewhere down the line. While a lot of people may think he’s being a bit delusional, we actually quite like this attitude from the 22 year old.

He’s willing to bet on himself which, truth be told, is a lost art in this sport. Not enough people are willing to take that punt, go that extra mile and let that world know what they want. The fact that he’s honest about his future is great, because it means that there isn’t going to be any surprises later on down the line.

Going in for the kill

Now, the big test for whichever clubs wind up getting him on loan is to ensure he has the best loan spell any player could ever hope to have. That’s obviously easier than done and he may not even settle that well initially, but we have to remember that he’s still young. This kid has got his whole career ahead of him, and given that the Premier League seems like his end destination one way or the other, it’s important to show him what he’d be missing if he went back to the Bernabeu after a year.

Arsenal and Tottenham are believed to be the two primary clubs that are interested in the possibility of signing him and bringing the midfielder over, and we can’t stress enough how important it is for the Gunners to make a real good go of this. Tottenham are clearly going to be the favourites based on their success last season alone, and Emery needs to be the man to try and nurture this kid and help him grow.

Do you think Arsenal could sign Dani Ceballos?

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