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The international break beckons

Posted on October 08, 2019 by Harry Kettle

It’s time for yet another international break and while a lot of fans are going to moan and groan about that, there are pros as well as cons that come with taking some time off. Today, we’re going to take a look at both sides of the argument and find out which side of the fence the majority of Gunners supporters fall on.

From Europe to North America and beyond, every corner of the globe will continue their push towards the next big tournament, whether it be the European Championships, Copa America, AFCON or, in some instances, the World Cup itself.


Well, firstly, it’s just nice to think about things other than domestic football on a day to day basis. As we’ve noted in the past there’s a certain luxury that allows us to put a pin in the Arsenal fandom every now and then and focus on our other interests. Sure, you may literally just transition over into the international game for two weeks, but that’s okay too.

Plus, it gives manager Unai Emery some time to really think about the decisions he has been making as of late as Arsenal manager. It shouldn’t exactly come as much of a surprise for you to learn that he’s experienced some scrutiny in the last few weeks, and some would argue it’s deserved. Either way, though, we’re choosing to believe that he’ll use this time to listen to some feedback.


It kind of kills the momentum that Arsenal had slowly yet surely been building up for themselves lately. They’ve been on a nice run of form and while the performances haven’t been ideal, we’ve certainly seen progress in certain areas of the pitch.

Plus, there’s always the lingering risk that players will be injured whilst away on international duty, which is always a hard situation to stomach. You could say the same for when they’re actually with Arsenal, but in a lot of ways it hurts that much more – and it’s that much more frustrating.

Will you be enjoying the international break?

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