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The Ian Wright query

Posted on August 09, 2018 by Harry Kettle

Ian Wright, former Arsenal striker and general club legend, tends to find himself in the headlines more often than not. Whether it’s because of his overwhelmingly in-your-face shirts during the World Cup or his ‘out there’ opinions, Wright certainly knows how to draw the attention of a crowd – and that’s putting it mildly.

In recent weeks, he’s taken it upon himself to voice his opinions regarding several Arsenal Football Club matters. Two of the biggest are that the Stan Kroenke takeover is awful news for the club, and the other is that the Gunners’ days of challenging for the Premier League title are over. Those are both loaded subjects, to put it mildly, and it’s time for us to unpack them.

First off, it’s always going to be difficult to disagree with anyone who doesn’t like the Kroenke arrangement. He’s been a source of controversy for a few years now, and that’s hardly going to change now that he has full ownership of the club. It feels like this move only serves to increase the divide between the higher-ups and the fans and while that may sound a little bit over the top, you can always tell when that’s the case when people like Ian Wright are voicing their opinions on it.

Then we come to a slightly more controversial topic, depending on your perspective: Arsenal fighting for the championship. It really does feel like Wright is trying to use some form of reverse psychology here because there’s no way that he can possibly believe the Gunners can’t challenge for the title again anytime soon. Unai Emery has brought a new wave of positivity with him in addition to several high-profile transfers, and it just feels like this negativity is embedded into Wright after years of having to deal with poor performances under Arsene Wenger.

He’s a fan before he’s a club legend and the man himself will tell you that for nothing, but we really do think that he’ll be proven wrong on this. We don’t think Arsenal will challenge this season but as we look ahead to 2019/20 and beyond, they could certainly build some kind of foundation that could help them to reach that level. It’s not that unthinkable, and it’s a very exciting prospect.

What do you think about Ian Wright’s comments?

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