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The Europa League intrigue

Posted on June 17, 2019 by Harry Kettle

We can all moan and groan about the fact that Arsenal are going to be playing in the Europa League again next season, but let’s face it, there’s nothing that we can do to change that. What’s done is done and instead of licking our wounds, it’s time to start preparing for Europe’s second biggest club competition. After all, there’s no point in pretending like we all didn’t big it up last season.

What will happen?

Arsenal are going to be representing English football alongside Wolverhampton Wanderers and Manchester United, but we don’t really care about that, do we? All we care about is whether or not Emery is going to put everything he’s got into the Gunners trying to win the competition. That was what happened last season, and you could certainly argue it was one of the reasons why the club tailed off towards the end of the campaign.

In truth, though, that’s not what we want to talk about. Instead, we want to talk about the fans. We all saw how many of the club’s faithful supporters made the journey over to Baku, and it really was great to see. In addition to that many of them made the trip out to a variety of other places throughout the course of both the group stages and the knockouts, which is a testament to just how great the supporters are.

The big question

However, you have to wonder just how many of them are going to be doing the same thing this time around. The Thursday night schedule makes it pretty difficult to get the days off work, and even more so if you’ve just been through it all one year beforehand.

Sure, Tuesdays and Wednesdays are also pretty awkward in regards to the Champions League, but that isn’t even really the point. If fans are going to get excited for anything it’s going to be a Champions League away day, and they probably won’t even think twice about it. The Europa League numbers could be a bit poor this time around, which could impact how the team actually performs. That may sound a little bit extreme, but let’s just wait and see after the first few group stage games.

How excited are you about the prospect of going on some Europa League away days over the course of the next few months?

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