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The Dubai positives

Posted on March 22, 2019 by Harry Kettle

Wouldn’t it be nice in the middle of the working year to jet off to Dubai for a few days? The answer is yes and if you say otherwise, then we’d be forced to question your sanity. Anyway, that’s the position this Arsenal squad find themselves in as they enjoy a quick break away in the sunshine (well, more like impossible humidity, but still).

A lot of fans have questioned the logic behind this kind of ‘holiday’, even though it isn’t really a holiday, because they want to know why this type of thing is happening outside of pre-season. We can somewhat understand the logic behind that, but we also think there are a few positives here that people aren’t really picking up on – or simply don’t want to pick up on.

The international break is viewed as a bit of a necessary evil by a lot of folks, but to be perfectly honest, that’s starting to feel like an outdated mentality. With that being said, here are our positives for this trip.

Time to relax

The lads are going to be training pretty hard during their time in Dubai and we can appreciate that, but they’ll also get a chance to relax a little bit. The nature of domestic football in England means that it’s pretty ‘go go go’, especially over the winter period. So then, something a bit different certainly can’t hurt.

Game planning

Arsenal’s schedule between now and the end of the season is going to be utter chaos, and that’s putting it lightly. So then, this’ll give Unai Emery the chance to clear his head and set out a specific game plan for the weeks ahead. Some would argue he doesn’t need to go to Dubai in order to do that, but back in England there are a lot of other distractions.

Change of scenery

Because let’s face it, England can get a little dull sometimes. These players will appreciate a change of scenery, and we mean that in terms of the friendly too. They’ll most likely walk to a morale boosting victory, come away unscathed, and head back to England with a positive attitude. Sure, there’s the risk of injuries, but that’s the case in any game.

Do you think heading out to Dubai in the middle of the season with the squad was a good idea, or would you have preferred the players remain at home?

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