The curious case of Petr Cech as an Arsenal player

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The curious case of Petr Cech as an Arsenal player

Posted on March 18, 2018 by Harry Kettle

Many fans know Petr Cech courtesy of his time at Stamford Bridge, which makes sense, given that the 35-year-old found record-breaking success with Chelsea Football Club. Nowadays, however, he’s plying his trade across London at the Emirates – and it’s safe to say that things haven’t gone quite as well.

Obviously, father time catches up to all of us sooner rather than later, although, in years gone by, goalkeepers have had the luxury of long playing careers courtesy of their limited movement on a game to game basis. While it may not feel like it, the man who led the Czech Republic forward for the majority of his career has actually played for the Gunners since 2015.

Cech’s struggles

In that time his leadership abilities have been crucial in helping out Arsenal when they’re in tricky situations, with his crowning moment coming when he was a part of the team who won the FA Cup in the 2016/17 season.

Unfortunately, supporters have a short-term memory, and despite everything he’s done for the game, Petr Cech has been at fault for several goals during this campaign alone. Some will put that down to age, but for the most part, there’s something bigger going on at the Emirates – and its related to the overwhelming failure for them to find a real goalkeeping prospect.

Since the days of David Seaman the club haven’t been able to land a long-term consistent answer to their issues in goal, with Jens Lehmann coming closest during his five years with the team. We’ve seen a kind of ‘merry-go-round’ take place, whereby keepers either find more success before or after they play for Arsenal.

Searching for the answer

It seems, for the most part, like the coaching is at fault for this – with Wenger seeming to believe that bringing in someone of name value is more than enough to fix the problem. It isn’t.

This begins and ends with the atmosphere surrounding the club, which has been toxic for quite some time now. They need to press the reset button and start fresh with a new managerial scheme, in addition to putting more focus on the youth system which could generate some goalkeeping prospects for the future.

Cech likely has at least another season at the top level, and for his own sanity, he should spend it elsewhere.

Should Petr Cech leave Arsenal?

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  1. chris says:

    One answer is that Cech was properly protected at Chelski but not at Wenger’s Arsenal.

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