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The choices of Aaron Ramsey

Posted on January 01, 2019 by Veselin Trajkovic

The story of Aaron Ramsey as an Arsenal player is about to come to an end, that much has been known for a while now. His current deal ends with this season, and there won’t be a new one.

It was quite a surprising turn of events when it became known that the club had withdrawn their offer from the table without presenting Ramsey with any kind of alternative. There have been many speculations as to why such a development came to pass, mostly spinning around the player’s wage demands. It is quite possible that Ramsey wanted a lot of money after the club reached an agreement over such a deal with Mesut Ozil, one that Arsene Wenger was reportedly against at the time, but there hasn’t been any kind of confirmation of the reports from either Ramsey or Arsenal.

Thinking about it from this perspective, it actually doesn’t seem logical, and the reason is very simple.

There have been many cases in football where a club offers a deal, the player wants more money, but the club stand firm and no agreement is reached. But in those situations, the players in question always had the option of lowering their demands and accepting what had been offered, or perhaps negotiating in search of middle ground.

But that’s not what happened with Ramsey. The offer that the club had put on the table, meaning it contained a wage structure they would have been ready to pay, was withdrawn completely. Ramsey was suddenly in no position to accept anything. For some reason, one that we may never learn, he is practically being kicked out of the club.

Sentiments towards Arsenal and its supporters aside, the Welshman won’t be crying too much over the situation. He is a quality player, and a number of clubs are queuing to try and acquire his services either for free in the summer, or in a cut-price deal this month.

BBC have reported that he has started talking to Bayern Munich, Real Madrid, Inter Milan, Paris Saint-Germain and Juventus. Meanwhile, Sky Sports claim, quoting their own sources on the matter, that he prefers a move to the Serie A champions over other potential players.

Whatever happens, Ramsey has been acting like a true professional since his bust-up with the club over a new deal, always putting in a 100% effort and delivering quality performances for Emery’s team, and there will be a sense of gratitude upon his departure for the 11 years of service he gave to Arsenal.

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