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The Carabao Cup question

Posted on September 17, 2020 by Harry Kettle

It’s been confirmed by the club that Arsenal will officially begin their Carabao Cup journey next Wednesday when they lock horns with fellow Premier League side Leicester City. While some fans are excited to see some fringe players start or play some kind of role, which seems like what is going to happen, others have questioned whether or not the Carabao Cup should even be happening this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

We’re definitely in the camp of believing the Carabao Cup shouldn’t really exist in its current form for the 2020/21 campaign, and we’re not entirely sure why they’ve gone ahead with it (well, we do – money).

Arsenal fans are coming off the back of two trophy wins last month and it’s pretty clear to see that if any domestic cup is going to be the priority this season, it’s going to be the FA Cup. The club quite obviously has a special relationship with the FA Cup, and as we’ve already said, the Carabao Cup rarely features the top stars from both clubs in question – especially if they’re in the Premier League.

It doesn’t offer the Gunners anything they can’t get elsewhere, and that’s why there’s a generally lethargic feeling surrounding the tie against the Foxes.

How important is the Carabao Cup this season for Arsenal?

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