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The Bournemouth importance

Posted on November 19, 2018 by Harry Kettle

The Premier League is set to return to our television screens this weekend, and that’s something that will actively excite the masses – or, at least, it should. Many football fans have a love-hate relationship with the international break and while we can understand that to an extent, that doesn’t mean that we don’t appreciate how fun the UEFA Nations League has been. Alas, with that disclaimer out of the way, we do need to fanboy a little bit about seeing Arsenal return to action.

Domestic football returns

In previous years many of us would’ve been dreading seeing the Gunners back in action, but it’s truly wonderful to see what a change in management can do for the confidence of a high level football club. Of course, it isn’t all purely down to Unai Emery, but the Spaniard has definitely played a big role in proceedings.

One of the things that both actively excites us and actively makes us worry about this weekend is the fact that Arsenal will be playing Bournemouth. Over the course of the last few decades if you’d have told us that we’d be worried about that kind of match-up then we probably would’ve shrugged our shoulders and dismissed the idea, but the Cherries have been on a role this season and there’s no possible way of underselling that fact.

Slow and steady

Arsenal need to be really careful with how they approach this kind of game, because two weeks off can do a lot for the cohesion of a team. The fact that they’re coming off the back of a handful of draws almost certainly won’t help matters either, because that kind of inconsistency – even though they’re still unbeaten in this run of theirs – is dangerous. They can’t afford to take Bournemouth lightly and while we don’t expect them to do that, there’s only one team who has pressure on their shoulders heading into this one.

Neutralising their dynamic attacking threats is going to be important, but above all the logistics, it’s vital to remember just how important this game is in terms of the table. If Bournemouth win then there’s a very good chance that they could continue to push Arsenal in the race for the European spots, whereas if the Gunners win, it could knock Eddie Howe’s side’s confidence – especially if the result is emphatic enough.

Will Arsenal get the win over Bournemouth?

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