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The Bellerin hope

Posted on March 14, 2019 by Harry Kettle

There are many world class players that currently reside in Arsenal’s first team, and it doesn’t exactly feel like that’s some kind of groundbreaking statement. The Gunners may not be considered one of the best teams in Europe but they’re certainly a top side in their own right, and we’d defend that point of view against just about anyone. Of course, the team is nothing without the players themselves, and Arsenal have many that they can rely on to consistently put in top level performances.

Questions, questions

For a lot of fans, the example that would be used (or at least one of them) is Hector Bellerin. The young defender, when he’s playing to his full potential, is one of the best defenders in the game today and we aren’t just saying that for the sake of it. Of course, there’s another side to him that some supporters don’t seem to bring up nearly enough.

We’re talking about the cocky ‘I’m better than you’ persona that he seems to give off every single time he interacts with quite literally anyone. Sure, we should probably just be focusing on his ability on the pitch, but even then he has the occasional off game or two and it’s almost always in a game of massive importance. He goes missing, and so does his personality – unless you count dressing like a maniac as someone having personality.

The curious case

When he comes back from injury, we want to see a reformed Hector Bellerin. We don’t want to witness a player that is just trying to get attention for the sake of it, and instead, we want to see a player who will quite literally die for the badge on his chest. If that isn’t the case then we’d happily see him move on to somewhere new, although you just know the saga would be dragged out over months and months.

It sounds like we’re haters based on this post but we really do think he has value to this Arsenal team, and we just think he needs to work on fine tuning his game a little bit. If he can re-discover that kind of consistency then maybe, just maybe, he can become a legend in North London. If not, then La Liga is always an option.

Do you rate Hector Bellerin, and do you think his attitude off the pitch levels up to his ability on it?

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