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The Banega Report

Posted on June 27, 2018 by Harry Kettle

One of the great things about the World Cup is that it gives you the opportunity to take a look at players your club has been linked with. Sometimes they wind up being a little bit of a disappointment, but other times, they’re better than you possibly could’ve imagined. Still, it means absolutely nothing, because how they perform for their country can often differ in how they compete on a domestic level.

Last night Arsenal target Ever Banega played for Argentina against Nigeria, in a game that just about lived up to expectations in terms of entertainment value. The Sevilla midfielder pieced together several fantastic moves throughout the course of the game and served as the main source for the one and only Lionel Messi. Over the course of the game, Banega seemed to slow down ever so slightly, picking up a yellow card that seemed pretty avoidable.

At 29 years of age, it’s not like fatigue is anything Arsenal would ever have to worry about, especially given the overwhelming heat in Russia at the moment in comparison to what England is like on a week to week basis. Banega is someone who has always been instrumental to every single club he’s played at, and if he makes the switch to the Emirates, he could become a household name sooner rather than later.

It’d depend on who he’s partnered with in the middle of the park, obviously, and beyond that, it’ll be interesting to see how he deals with the physicality associated with the Premier League. While we understand that we’re talking as if he’s already joined the club it does feel like he’s on the verge, and to be perfectly honest, it doesn’t feel like Argentina’s World Cup journey is going to last all too much longer.

They’ll face France in their first knockout game this weekend, and while it’s entirely possible that they turn the style on and ease into the quarter-finals, we didn’t exactly see that against the Nigerians. France have been poor so far but they’ve still managed to pick up two wins and a draw, only conceding one goal in the process.

We’re really excited to see what Banega can do in that game, and moving forward, we remain hopeful that he’ll end up at the Emirates. Sure, Spurs are still interested too, but it doesn’t feel like they’d suit him quite as well.

What did you think of Ever Banega’s performance?

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