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The Aubameyang tragedy

Posted on October 18, 2018 by Harry Kettle

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, at his core, is a fantastic striker. The 29 year old has been scoring left, right and centre throughout his entire career, and now, he’s doing so for Arsenal. While he may not get the same kind of plaudits as Lacazette he’s certainly still a force to be reckoned with, and his time in the game proves that.

Alas, one of the biggest tragedies about him – aside from the fact nobody gives him the credit he deserves – is that he’ll likely never compete at a World Cup. He’s often viewed as one of Gabon’s greatest ever players, but playing for such a small nation certainly has its drawbacks. It’s incredibly unlikely that they’ll progress and improve to the point where they can play in the World Cup finals before he hangs up his boots, and that upsets us just a little bit.

We want Auba

It’s something that a parade of top players have had to deal with over the years, with Gareth Bale and George Best being two notable examples of major stars that have never played in the big time. Of course, these kinds of things are more important to some people than others, but it opens the door for a wider array of questions regarding whether or not a second smaller international competition should run the year after the World Cup.

It could feature some of the nations that didn’t qualify, and much like the Europa League does with the Champions League, it could give them the chance to earn their spot at the next World Cup three years later. Plus, and this can’t be understated, the ‘odd’ years when there are no international tournaments on are extremely dull.

Looking ahead

Someone like Aubameyang deserves to showcase what he can do on the world stage and he’ll never get the chance to do so with Gabon – or, at the very least, it’s incredibly unlikely that he’ll get the chance to do so.

It’s an interesting thing to note especially in these uncertain times for Aubameyang, given that a transport issue has supposedly led to some friction between him and the Gabon FA. Whatever winds up happening, though, at least he can take pride in what he’s been able to accomplish up to this point on the international stage. Some people never even get the chance to represent their country.

Should there be a second World Cup for teams who fail to qualify?

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