Taking the risk?

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Taking the risk?

Posted on August 06, 2018 by Harry Kettle

The summer transfer window is coming to a close in the next few days, and with that comes a period of reflection for the majority of teams up and down the country. Some will be analysing how they’ve done and what players they’ve been able to bring in, whereas others will merely be interested in looking at ‘what could’ve been’ whilst also beginning their plans for the January window – despite the fact that the actual season hasn’t even begun yet.

One team who we believe will be toying with the idea of taking a risk and actually going after more players are Arsenal. The Gunners have been able to bring in a series of reinforcements both in defence and midfield, to the point where it feels and looks like they’re playing with a bit of a swagger again. That kind of thing is always going to come across when you’ve got a new manager at the helm, especially with Arsenal, given that they’ve been playing under the same old regime for years now with Arsene Wenger.

Some fans would argue that there’s no real risk associated with going back into the mix and seeing what you can find, but for the Gunners, it feels like they’ve got a fairly balanced team from top to bottom. There are plenty of options to battle it out in goal (and we’d even argue one keeper needs to go sooner rather than later), the defence deserves time to build as a unit, they have strong midfield options in the middle of the park, and they have two of the best strikers in the world playing alongside one another.

One potential issue could be whether or not they’ll bring in another striker to add that extra layer of depth, but it all depends on how much trust Emery has in the players that he’s been nurturing over the last few weeks. He clearly sees something in most of them because he hasn’t changed up the status quo all too much, and with the season being so close now, the best thing that we can say about them is that they’re flying under the radar.

Some of you will want Unai Emery to go out there and break the bank in order to make a real statement and that’s okay, but it’s also okay to sit back and see how things go up until January.

How do you feel about Arsenal’s transfer window so far?

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