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Unpleasant scenes at the Derby 0

Posted on December 03, 2018 by Veselin Trajkovic

It was a marvelous day for Arsenal on Sunday.

There are many fierce rivalries in football. Some develop over time between two most successful clubs in a league, but mostly they bear a strong local flavor, wherever this sport takes roots.

The North-London Derby is certainly in that category, and while Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur aren’t exactly two biggest clubs in England (they are certainly big), the bragging rights in the part of the capital north of the river are a huge deal.

Unai Emery’s best line 0

Posted on May 24, 2018 by Harry Kettle

Unai Emery is the new Arsenal manager, and that still seems a little bit odd to say. We probably should’ve all viewed him as a person of interest from the moment Arsene Wenger announced that he’d be leaving the club, and yet, it still feels a little bit surreal. The former PSG boss is considered to be a great appointment by many, and as reported by Arsenal.com, he seems to have made quite the impression during his first ever press conference at the Emirates.

Are there benefits to Mikel Arteta? 1

Posted on May 18, 2018 by Harry Kettle

Mikel Arteta is considered to be the frontrunner to become the new Arsenal manager, and isn’t that sentence just a little bit strange? Seriously, doesn’t it just feel a bit odd? After all, the guy is still in his mid-30s, and he was playing for the Gunners as recently as 2016. Plus, his only real form of managerial experience comes as an assistant gaffer to Pep Guardiola at Manchester City – which is a role he’s been in for less than two years.

Arsenal interested in Henry as manager 1

Posted on May 17, 2018 by Harry Kettle

We weren’t planning on putting together another piece today, but we felt as if it was required given the scale of what we’re about to talk about. As reported by The Express, former Arsenal forward and club legend Thierry Henry has emerged as a shock contender to potentially become the new manager at the Emirates. This comes after a great deal of speculation that Mikel Arteta could be in line to replace Arsene Wenger, as this seemingly never-ending saga continues.

Pires’ misguided Vieira statement 0

Posted on May 11, 2018 by Harry Kettle

A lot of people have been throwing around some ideas regarding who should take over from Arsene Wenger as Arsenal’s next manager. A handful of suggestions have been plausible, whereas some others have been a little bit ridiculous – and as reported by Sky Sports, Arsenal legend Robert Pires has a suggestion that we believe falls into the latter category.

“We talk about Allegri, Ancelotti, Luis Enrique… My two friends Patrick Vieira and Mikel Arteta too. I don’t know who the next manager is for Arsenal but they need to find the right philosophy.

On This Day In 2010: Arsenal crush Fulham 0

Posted on May 09, 2018 by Harry Kettle

It’s time for us to take yet another trip down memory lane, and it’s certainly a positive journey this time around. On this day in 2010, the Gunners tore through Fulham on their way to confirming that St Totteringham’s Day would be going ahead as they secured 3rd spot in the Premier League above their bitter rivals. It was a long and difficult season, but in the end, they managed to get the job done.

Arsenal dismantle Burnley 0

Posted on May 06, 2018 by Harry Kettle

In a game that may be looked upon as a glorified friendly by some, Arsenal tore through Burnley on their way to securing a place in the top six for Arsene Wenger’s final season in charge. The Frenchman received a guard of honour prior to the game which, in many ways, can be seen as an odd occurrence given that the club are just a few days removed from being knocked out of the Europa League by Atletico Madrid. With that being said, this game provided fans with cause for hope as they head into the final stages of Wenger’s tenure.

What’s the next step for Arsenal? 0

Posted on May 05, 2018 by Harry Kettle

We’re nearly two days removed from Arsenal’s exit from the Europa League, and it’s time to talk things through a little bit more. All of the anger and frustration is starting to slowly ease away, as the Gunners come to terms with what has been arguably their worst season under the guidance of Arsene Wenger. Thankfully for his haters, the Frenchman will be leaving the club in a matter of weeks, and it’ll be time for a completely new regime to begin at the Emirates.

On This Day In 2012: Norwich stun Arsenal 0

Posted on May 05, 2018 by Harry Kettle

It’s time to take yet another trip down memory lane, and this time, we’re heading all the way back to 2012. You could argue that the club’s situation wasn’t much better back then in comparison to now, and in many ways, it may even have been worse. The Gunners were struggling to get a foothold in the race for the top four, and with just a handful of games remaining, they slipped up in a big way as they drew 3-3 with Norwich City at the Emirates.

On This Day In 2017: Arsenal edge past Leicester 0

Posted on April 26, 2018 by Harry Kettle

We’re back again with another trip down memory lane, but this time, we’re not going all too far into the past. In the last twelve months a lot of things have changed at the Emirates but, for the most part, a lot of things have remained the same. This time last year the Gunners were also struggling to make any kind of ground on the top four and were facing the very real prospect of dropping into the Europa League. While they may now view that competition a little bit differently, the fate of the club remains the same as we prepare for a world without Arsene Wenger in charge.

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