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Showing what we’re made of

Posted on April 15, 2019 by Harry Kettle

The rest of the Premier League have had their say on proceedings throughout the course of the weekend, and tonight, it’s time for Arsenal to step up to the plate. They’ll be playing on Monday Night Football this evening, as they attempt to springboard their way back into the top four – and back into contention for a Champions League spot. However, this isn’t the only game that they’ll be playing this week, as Gunners fans around the world gear up for what should be an incredibly busy schedule.

When we say incredibly busy we mean it, too, because Arsenal are going to have to contend with three games between today and Sunday. That seems a little bit unfair and you could argue it seems a bit bizarre, but truth be told, the organisers of these competitions don’t seem to care all too much. You could say that there’s no way of getting around certain scheduling conflicts, but either way, it just seems like the club are being unintentionally punished for something.

But instead of us just going on and on, sounding like we’re moaning in the process, we’ll take a more balanced look at what we should expect in the next week. Buckle up, folks.


Starting off with Watford is probably a good thing, because they aren’t the kind of team you want to be tired against. They’ve had one hell of a season but there’s still a lot left for them to accomplish, and because of the Gunners’ away form, there’s reason to be cautious – especially if Emery decides to rest players, which we aren’t sure he’ll do yet.


We’ve just got to see how badly the club wants it here. The starting XI is going to tell us a lot about how badly Emery wants to win this competition, and aside from that, avoiding the early goal is going to be absolutely crucial to progression.

Crystal Palace

The fact that this is taking place at the Emirates makes us feel a lot more comfortable about it than we would if it was at Selhurst Park. It doesn’t matter what kind of team is put out for this one, in truth, because Emery’s men should be more than capable of registering all three points.

Do you think Arsenal are capable of winning all three games this week, and if not, which one do you think they’ll lose or drop points in?

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