Should Arsene Wenger retire?

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Should Arsene Wenger retire?

Posted on May 08, 2018 by Harry Kettle

Arsene Wenger’s time at the Emirates is finally coming to an end, and with that, many fans are asking questions regarding where his future in the game lies. As reported by Sky Sports, it seems as if the Frenchman isn’t exactly short of options, despite being less than two years away from turning 70. Still, he clearly has a passion for the game and wants to carry on doing what he loves, but you have to question whether or not the last few years of his time with Arsenal have tarnished his reputation.

That may sound odd considering he still managed to win a handful of FA Cups, but just look at their European and Premier League records in that time. Wenger wasn’t able to juggle it all at once like he was back in the day, and in terms of his future in English football specifically, we can’t imagine it’d be a smart idea for him to try again in the top flight. Why? Because he’s done everything there is to do up there, and he only really runs the risk of further embarrassment given his trajectory.

If he heads back to France or jets off to China, however, there’s a good chance he finds success – but what would be the point of taking the risk? While this season didn’t end brilliantly, the memories of everything he’s been able to do are there for everyone to see and remember. Wenger is a different kind of manager and he’s living in an entirely different era now, and while you can always adapt, he’s certainly been through a lot over the last few years.

He should take up a director role of some sort as opposed to being a manager because he really doesn’t need to put himself through it. We’ve all seen Ferguson attending various Manchester United games since leaving, and he’s clearly having a great time, so Wenger should be aiming to do the same thing. The guy probably has enough money to last him ten lifetimes, and after giving so many years to this sport, he’s earned a break.

For now, all we should be focusing on is who will take over from him as manager – because that decision could make or break the club over the next few years.

Should Arsene Wenger retire from management?

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  1. John Rambo says:

    Wenger has nothing to prove to anyone. He’s been there n done it all at the highest levels of football. Clubs and countries will be falling over themselves to get him.

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