Should Lacazette be starting?

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Should Lacazette be starting?

Posted on August 14, 2018 by Harry Kettle

There were plenty of questions that fans wanted the answers to at the weekend, as Arsenal failed to overcome the challenge of champions Manchester City. It was an interesting game to watch in more ways than one as Unai Emery had his first taste of Premier League football, but as we all know, this perhaps wasn’t the best representation of what life in the top flight will be like for the Spaniard.

Still, there were flaws that could be picked up on, with many fans wondering why Alexandre Lacazette didn’t start the game either alongside or instead of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang. We’ve seen the dynamic duo playing together in the past, and while the current setup may not suit them playing together, it certainly feels like the Gunners would benefit more from them playing as a unit.

Lacazette is often able to spot opportunities that others don’t even think are there, capitalising on good play from the attacking midfielders around him. He lives for the ball landing at his feet because at that point, he knows how to stick it away more often than not. He’s lacked in confidence in the past and the man himself will tell you that, but in order for him to maintain a positive outlook and mindset, he needs to be playing consistent football from the very first minute. It’s all well and good bringing him off the bench, but you have to question what that does for his development.

Arsenal enjoy playing with one up top and we can’t dispute that it’s worked for them in the past, but is that really how they want to market themselves going forward? They should be able to play with one, two or even three up front with ease, and it shouldn’t be such a hassle when it comes to actually selecting the starting XI. If both men are fit then both men should be starting the game, because they’ve clearly got some great chemistry with one another.

Over the course of the next two games, Arsenal face two tough tasks against London rivals Chelsea and West Ham United, and there will be a certain degree of pressure on them to get a result – of any kind. Put Lacazette on the pitch, and your odds of that happening will improve. It’s very simple, and in these early stages, it’s important to notch up a few wins.

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  1. ddkingz says:

    sometimes I hate the fact that we usually play 4 5 1, using five midfielders and one attacker. for a coach like enery who coached PSG he might had seen the benefits of playing with a front three maybe auba laca and mkhi. the only midfielder I trust who can help us in the final third is Ramsey and sometimes he is awful

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