Should Jack Wilshere stay at Arsenal or leave?

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Should Jack Wilshere stay at Arsenal or leave?

Posted on March 17, 2018 by Harry Kettle

Jack Wilshere is one of the most polarising players in world football, and that isn’t a ‘shocking’ statement to make. The Englishman has had an extremely inconsistent career over the years as a member of Arsenal Football Club, and now, the question of whether or not he’ll remain at the Emirates continues to plague the Gunners’ season.

We’ve experienced this kind of thing over the last twelve months with Alexis Sanchez, and it seems as if history is doomed to repeat itself. Of course, the two men are incredibly different both on and off the pitch, but there are certainly similarities in the way the media are portraying this whole thing.

Jack’s passion

First off, it’s clear to see that Wilshere is someone who bleeds red and white. He’s always been committed to the cause of restoring Arsenal’s reputation as being a top club in European competition, despite the fact that he’s had a few personal misdemeanours in addition to his injury problems.

Alas, he’s still considered to be a fan favourite among Arsenal supporters, but we’re here to relay some truth for those reading this – he isn’t as great as people say he is. His many setbacks off the pitch have clearly affected his ability to be a world class player both for club and country, and while that is certainly upsetting to see, we actually believe that he should remain as a member of the first team squad moving forward.


As we alluded to earlier Jack’s passion and desire to see the club succeed at all costs is something that we don’t often see in the modern day, with many foreign players choosing to follow the money overseas as opposed to sticking with a system they’re comfortable in.

We aren’t saying Wilshere is the future of Arsenal’s midfield, but what we are saying is that he represents a mentality that will be important for the club in the next few years. There needs to be someone with some drive over the course of 90 minutes, especially in the wake of Arsene Wenger’s inevitable departure when there’s bound to be a bunch of uncertainty.

Plus, as evidenced by his Bournemouth run, things don’t work out so well for him away for the Emirates – so he should stick to what he knows.

Should Jack Wilshere leave Arsenal?

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