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Sean Dyche 33/1 to be next Arsenal boss as club legend champions his case

Posted on October 03, 2017 by David Nugent

When club legends speak, it is hard to ignore them sometimes. Arsenal legend Ian Wright stated recently that he would take Burnley boss Sean Dyche as a replacement for Arsene Wenger, but that he believes Dyche is more likely to end up as England boss instead.

Sean Dyche is a very promising boss

For me, Sean Dyche has done an excellent job at Burnley. He has managed his resources and players superbly. The Clarets now look like an established Premier League side. The fact that they are unbeaten from away games at Chelsea, Liverpool, Tottenham and Everton is a testament to Dyche’s management.

Another testament to Dyche’s managerial ability is that Burnley decided to keep faith with 46-year-old when the team suffered relegation to the Championship. In truth, Dyche had very little resources to work with in the Clarets relegation season.

Not getting the Arsenal job

I cannot see Sean Dyche getting the Arsenal job anytime soon, just as Wrighty hinted at. The 46-year-old has very little experience at the top end of the game.

In addition, top English teams seem very reluctant to give British bosses a chance and tend to favour foreign bosses for jobs. The fact that Dyche is 33/1 to be the next Arsenal boss suggests that not many people believe he will be the next Arsenal boss.

Dyche’s football style would suit the Gunners either. Arsenal’s football philosophy in the past two decades has been passing football, even to the detriment of failing to win trophies because of Wenger’s stubbornness to change at times.

Sean Dyche in his short managerial career has produced solid teams, rather than teams that play passing football. However, maybe that is because he has not had the players with the ability to play the way he wants to play the game.

On Sunday, Burnley produced a fantastic team goal in a 1-0 win over Everton. Maybe Dyche wants to play a more expansive style of football.

Wenger not going anywhere for a while

All the talk of who will be the next Arsenal boss is irrelevant at the moment. The way Arsenal are going Arsene Wenger will need to be carried out in a wooden box before he leaves the north London club.

When the time comes that Arsenal does need a replacement for Wenger, then I cannot see Sean Dyche being at the top of the north London clubs wishlist.

Would Sean Dyche be a good long-term replacement for Arsene Wenger?

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  1. chris says:

    What an unreal suggestion.

    • David Nugent says:

      Yeah, I can’t see it myself either. I just wanted to know if any of our readers thought it would be a realistic possibility!

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