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Saliba heading to Arsenal?

Posted on June 17, 2019 by Harry Kettle

The rumour mill is, as we’ve talked about a million times now, in full flow – and that’s hardly surprising to hear. The nature of football ensures that transfer rumours are going to be ongoing for as long as the game itself exists, and there’s just no way of getting around that. As fans we can only go off of what we’re told, but in a lot of instances, you just don’t know whether or not to believe the rumours.

An intriguing development

One thing that continues to persist, however, is this idea that William Saliba is going to be making his way to the Emirates sooner rather than later. The Gunners are obviously going to be pretty busy in the summer transfer window (or, at least, they should be) and they’re going to need every single body they can get their hands on. As such, on the face of it, this seems like a pretty good move in the eyes of most fans.

There are obviously still going to be a few question marks about him right up until we get to actually see him play on the pitch, but when it comes to high level teenage wonderkids, Saliba is right up there with the best of them. The 18 year old has been with Saint-Etienne since back in 2016, and in that time he’s been able to put himself on the map in a big way. He’s exciting, he’s diverse, and he has the kind of footballing mind that is always going to go down well with the fans.

Looking forward

His age is obviously going to be seen as a negative factor, because let’s face it, defenders are usually much better prepared (mentally and physically) for the Premier League when they’re a bit older. Of course, this isn’t always necessarily the case, and perhaps we should be giving him the benefit of the doubt.

After all, it’s not like Arsenal really has much of a choice. What do we mean by that? It’s simple: it means that they can’t afford to be all too picky with who they end up with, and if the kid has potential, then they should just go for it. Unai Emery needs to start taking some risks, because this is gonig to be an absolutely massive six months for him.

Do you think that Arsenal are going to sign William Saliba, and are you excited about this potential transfer?

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