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Ramsey’s mindset

Posted on July 20, 2018 by Harry Kettle

As we approach the conclusion of this Aaron Ramsey saga, with the midfielder reportedly being offered a new five-year deal, it’s interesting to consider where his head is at with everything. Logic would suggest that he’s in a pretty good place when it comes to his mindset, but if that was the case, wouldn’t he have signed the contract by now? There seems to be something else going on here, which seems to be a pretty frequent thing with Arsenal midfielders.

The Welshman has been at the Emirates for a long time, and we all know that to be true. In that time he’s done some great things with the club and has carved out a pretty successful career for himself, both domestically and internationally with Wales. When you consider what his ceiling probably is as a player, though, you have to question why he’d want to leave.

Perhaps he’s seeing the influx of midfielders coming into the club under the new Unai Emery regime, and he doesn’t want to have to fight for his place after doing so for so many years. Alas, given that he was pretty much guaranteed to be someone that would feature heavily in the Spaniard’s plans moving forward, that doesn’t actually seem or sound all too likely.

Aaron Ramsey is someone that can go a few games looking like a world-beater, then a few games like someone who arguably doesn’t even belong in the Premier League. However, one of the big hopes amongst Arsenal fans is that the introduction of Emery can ensure that he cuts out the inconsistency and is able to be an even more productive member of the first team squad moving forward.

That’s the ambition, anyway, and whether or not that comes to fruition is an entirely different thing altogether – but maybe Ramsey just wants to try and work out a way in which to further his career. After all, he’s been with the club for around a decade now, so perhaps he’s entertaining the possibility of trying out another domestic league in order to prove himself as someone who is so much more than just a ‘run of the mill’ Premier League midfielder.

Whatever the case may be, we’re just excited to see this whole thing come to an end – kind of like how we felt about the Jack Wilshere fiasco.

Where will Aaron Ramsey end up? Do you want to see him stay?

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  1. Goonermay68 says:

    Never Rated him as you say he blows hot and cold. Apparently looking £200 thousand a week? Thats alot BUT Ozil on £350 a week he possibly thinks hes worth a huge pay rise ?And Xhaka getting a new contract. How much dross can the team carry? So Ramsey ? SELL SELL SELL !

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