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Ramsey to AC Milan?

Posted on September 13, 2018 by Harry Kettle

Arsenal midfielder Aaron Ramsey has been linked with a move to Italian club AC Milan, and ironically enough, it seems as if the club are already trying to use Ivan Gazidis in order to bring him over. The Welshman continues to be embroiled in these contract talks that have everyone talking, kind of in the same way that Jack Wilshere did. As was the case then and as is the case now, we have one very simple viewpoint – just get it over and done with.

It’s Groundhog Day

We’re sick and tired of hearing about what Aaron Ramsey may or may not do, because once again he’s being pinpointed as someone who is bigger than the club. These sagas that drag out for months at a time are exhausting, and it’s utterly embarrassing. If Ramsey feels like he’s owed more money then that’s his own personal issue, but the fact that it’s gone this far already just makes us cringe beyond belief.

What’s worse is that, if this comes to fruition, Ivan Gazidis seems to just be trying to ‘pull one over’ on the Gunners, which is as laughable as it is pathetic. The whole thing screams desperation and while we understand that it could easily just be a rumour and nothing more, the pieces are certainly in place for this to become a legitimate story.

The truth

Ramsey is good but he’s not great, and he’s never been great. Sure, when you compare him with the rest of the Welsh national team he seems like the modern incarnation of Maradona with Bale playing the role of Pele, but that’s about it. We can appreciate everything that Aaron has done for the club, we really can, but this is even more frustrating than the Wilshere situation at this point. Ramsey isn’t a homegrown talent and there are better midfield options available at the club, so why should we have such an emotional attachment to him? Because he’s scored some important goals over the years? Do me a favour.

If this could happen then Gazidis and Ramsey deserve each other, but if Ramsey truly does want to stay, then he’ll sit in a meeting room with his agent and the club and hash out a new deal. Sure, it may take days, but at least we’ll finally be able to put a nail in the coffin of this exhausting story.

Will Ramsey stay and do you care anymore?

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