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Ramsey set for Juventus

Posted on January 10, 2019 by Harry Kettle

Well, well, well. Here we are. According to reports Aaron Ramsey has agreed to a five year deal worth around £36 million with Italian champions Juventus, and is set to move in the summer. It’s a moment that we’ve all been waiting for over the course of the last twelve months or so, and it’s finally unfolding before our very eyes. Feels weird, doesn’t it?

The day has come

The Welshman is set to travel to Turin in order to have a medical on Sunday, before making the move official. Many fans will see this as a good thing given that not only do the Gunners receive a hefty fee for him, but they’ll also continue to have his services for another few months. That could be absolutely key for their campaign, as it’s no secret that things are going to get pretty congested pretty soon.

Unai Emery will likely respond to this by bringing in a series of other new stars, and potentially a midfielder or two, and he has every right t do so. Of course, there are many questions that have been raised already, with a lot of fans wondering why Ramsey didn’t feature into the Spaniard’s plans when he’s clearly good enough to be competing for a side like Juventus.

Looking ahead

Well first of all, we don’t know that he’s going to be a consistent starter for The Old Lady even though the arranged fee would suggest so. Second of all, the quality of the opposition in Serie A doesn’t really compare to the Premier League and we’re just being honest in saying that. There are great teams in there, obviously, but that doesn’t make for a solid division.

There’s a few months to go before we all say goodbye, but our initial reactions are to say this: thank you, Aaron. It’s been a crazy journey and while the last six months or so hasn’t been particularly pleasant in that regard, we’re still thankful.

What’s your favourite Aaron Ramsey memory from his time at the Emirates?

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