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Questionable substitutions

Posted on September 16, 2019 by Harry Kettle

Arsenal missed out on the chance to return to winning ways this past weekend as they drew 2-2 with Watford. They had initially put together a 2-0 lead and, at times, seemed comfortable. Alas, when things started to go south in the second half, it was clear to see that there was no plan B. When it appeared as if the plan B was put into effect, the fingers were immediately being pointed in the direction of the boss.

Unai Emery has received mixed reviews during his time as Gunners boss, but now that there are some question marks over his in-game tactics and decision making, you have to wonder how much longer he’s going to be given in North London. It seems a little bit ridiculous to suggest that he could get the sack, but such is the nature of football in the modern era.

His two primary decisions that received a lot of attention were Ceballos and Ozil being brought off, both of whom were playing pretty well. Emery himself decided to explain the decisions afterward.

“It was very, very hot. We needed in the second half, some fresh players,’ Emery said after the game. ‘We were struggling second half and I was thinking how we can improve with three players, fresh players, for give us more energy and give us also more capacity to be strong physically and tactically and also technically.”

“But really I can feel the players, I can feel me the same, sometimes when we were struggling, the possibility to don’t achieve our good consequence with our game plan. ‘But we need to be strong in our mentality, but not for the players, for us, and to create our way, working and improving the things like today that happened in the second half.”

Nobody truly knows one way or the other what kind of a season Emery and Arsenal are going to have, and that’s just fine. The uncertainty is part of the journey, but unless things are going incredibly wrong by the time January comes around, the Spaniard should be given until the end of the campaign.

With two full seasons under his belt there would be a clear sign of how things are going and what the correct decision to make would be. For now, Emery will have to take a look at himself, his decisions, and the squad he has available to him.

Did you agree with Unai Emery’s substitutions?

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